Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feel This Moment

Today I ran, because I can. 
I have never felt more alive.

With each ragged breath I breathe I acknowledge I am breathing. I am alive.

I really take a deep breath. Inhale. 
I feel my chest expand. Smell the scent of cut grass, the wildflowers, the trees. This steadies my breath and I focus on enjoying every deep inhale I take. 

With each step I take further I am reminded I can go in any direction I choose. I choose to keep going. I have the ability to keep going. I feel my feet hitting the ground and that feeling is a glorious gift I am blessed with. I focus on my two feet, my two legs strong and steady and this carries me on. 

Today my thoughts are clear and there is only one message on my heart and mind. Be thankful. 

Be thankful for the wildflowers in their vivid colors of yellow and purple. Uncut on the side of the road as if they are there to cheer me on. Be thankful for the breeze. The breeze that I feel on my face, my entire body that brings new energy, and relief from the heat. Be thankful for the sun that is shining, and the warmth it shines down on me. Be thankful for this body. This body that can do amazing things. This body that can go any which way I choose. This body that can see, and hear, and feel, and really feel alive during this run. 

I am alive. I am blessed with this body that is able, when so many are not. I will honor myself by taking care of it. It is a gift to be able to run, and experience today. I will run for myself, because there are those that cannot. 

I will appreciate every run because I can. 

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